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If you are an enthusiast of European wine or have already started your journey in this wonderful world, you are at the right place. Our programs are meticulously designed to provide new and unforgettable memories.

Tailor-made Program
Have you ever thought about a completely customized trip just for you, tailored to your preferences, your style, with everything you want to see, eat, drink, feel, and experience, organized to provide you with an unforgettable experience?
Dive in the delicious world of Belgian chocolate and marvel at the elegant Champagne bubbles. Take part in the biggest chocolate event in the world, before venturing into the Champagne cellars and discovering the charms and particularities of the inebriating Champagne bubbles.
If you love cooking and learning new recipes, this programme will sharpen all your senses. Cooking classes of typical Tuscan dishes, a tasting course and selection of extra virgin olive oil, visits to cheese, pasta and panettone producers.
You who love wine, study production processes, new varieties, producing regions and love to learn about technological innovations in the world of wine will be enchanted by this program. How about coming to Tuscany, making your own blend and still taking a few bottles home.
Discover Tuscany on an enchanting journey through its hills, villages and rich cultural and gastronomic heritage. Watch Andrea Bocelli perform in Lajatico at the Teatro del Silenzio, a beautiful open-air concert venue surrounded by the stunning Tuscan landscape.
A program to get to know in depth the inebriating world of Tuscan wine, in two of the most important wine routes in the Italian territory: Chianti & Bolgheri. Taste Brunellos and Chiantis, learn about the native grapes of this territory and how the Super Tuscans came to be.