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Travels & Wines

Our business

Travels & Wines is not an agency, but a travel office. We are two partners passionate about the world of wine.

Based in Europe, we organise exclusive trips, individual or for microgroups.

Italy and France are our specialties – and our passions!

Wines, medieval villages, stunning landscapes, history, art and gastronomy.

We deliver an inebriating experience in the world of wine. We identify trends and interpret desires.

As sommeliers we know terroirs, grapes, vintages and producers. And, with our expertise, we organize programs that will provide you with unforgettable taste-olfactory memories.

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What we do?

Exclusive and tailor-made programs

As Travel Designers, we design exclusive trips for our clients, based on their tastes, dreams and personal desires.

We put together a day by day program, with all the important points for a trip without worries. From the choice of hotels, cities to visit, tours to be done, car rental or other options for transportation, support with tickets purchase, train or subway guidance, restaurant suggestions, pre-made itineraries on Google Maps, suggestions for museums, events, shows, theme fairs, and more. In short, everything for you to make the trip of your dreams come true.

As we are not an agency, we do not acquire anything for the client; we offer indications, direct links to everything that needs to be purchased in advance, and the client makes his own purchases.

With the program in hand, clients have the autonomy to make the trip alone, having absolutely everything already mapped. But if you want company, we are also available to accompany you on this incredible journey.

Closed programs for microgroups

Like many people who are as passionate about the world of wine as we are, and who share our enthusiasm for social interaction, prefer to travel in groups, with everything prearranged and coordinator overseeing the journey, we have conceptualized a selection of unique programs that align with our mission – to deliver a perfect trip with a focus on European wines.

We have programs focused 100% on the wine of the territory (Italy and France), but also, associating the passion for wine with other themes and experiences, such as: wine & cuisine, wine & music, wine & chocolate, in addition to our very exclusive program “create your own blend”.

Found your dream trip and ready to travel? Check out this essential information.


After falling in love with our ideas, getting to know the day-to-day program and the value of your investment, we will send you a contract for you to read and sign. It will thoroughly outline the clauses and the refund percentages of the amount already invested, in case of withdrawal from any of our group programs.

For the tailor-made programs there will also be a contract; however, in this case, once the travel itinerary is delivered, accepted and approved by the client, in the event of cancellation or a change in the travel date, the investment amount will no longer be eligible for refund.

Payment methods


For group program purchases

The full payment for the trip must be made up to 2 months prior to your departure. If you are purchasing a trip for a departure date beyond 8 months, you may divide the amount into up to 6 instalments. Departure dates of less than 8 months must be paid in up to 3 instalments, following the same rule of 2 months before departure.

The program prices are quoted in Euros, so you need to deposit into our account in Euros. Contact your bank and choose the best way to make this overseas transfer.


For tailor-made program purchases

Tailor-made programs are charged per day of travel design. We hold a briefing meeting where we explain how our process works, what we provide and how we deliver. Once you decide to ‘design’ with us, we will send you a contract for you to sign and pay the first instalment for the design. Then, we will start designing your program.

We will present you as many versions of the program as necessary until we have the trip of your dreams. Then, upon delivering the final travel program to you, you will pay the remainder. In the event of withdrawal after we have begun the design process, the invested amount of the first instalment will not be refunded.


Transfers IN and OUT

We will always have a schedule for group transfers IN and OUT from the nearest airport to our first accommodation. In other words, to take advantage of it, you need to be there at the appointed time.

If you can’t make it, request a quote from us for exclusive transfers.

For tailor-made programs, during the briefing, we will discover the client’s intentions and include it or not as a suggestion for booking.

Specific information for group programs

Ground transportation

We will have exclusive ground transportation in a climate-controlled van throughout our program, both for daily excursions and for transfers between hotels.

Therefore, we have a very clear rule that must be absolutely respected, regarding the number and size of luggage: each client is allowed to carry ONE large suitcase. Backpacks or bags are the responsibility of each client and must be kept with them, on the seat or at their feet, inside the van. Exceptions will be managed with additional costs for renting other vehicles to transport volumes that do not fit in the van.


Wines during meals included in the programs

We do not know our travellers’ preferences, so in some cases, wine or any other alcoholic beverage will not be included and should be paid separately, except when the program indicates “meal paired with wines”, and of course, all the tastings indicated in the program.



We do absolutely everything to ensure that accommodations are as authentic as possible, in accordance with the country in which we are visiting. 

We will avoid chain hotels as much as possible. Unfortunately, in some locations, it can happen, but they will be rare exceptions. 

Most of our accommodations are in authentic agriturismos, managed by Italian or French families, or even entire villas – those old stone houses, with many apartments – which are rented exclusively for the group.