WHO IS BEHIND Travels & Wines




Cyntia Braga

She founded Travels & Wines, an office that creates exclusive travel programs, providing unforgettable and transformative experiences. These journeys navigate through history and culture, gastronomy and wine, which will always be the protagonist in all trips organised across the European continent.

Journalist by training, tourism specialist by passion and sommelier by love of wine, Cyntia is passionate about Italy and, before landing in the boot, she pursued her career in the fields of communication and hospitality.

Today, she is a Travel Designer and Sommelier by AIS (Associazione Italiana Sommelier). She has been working with tourism and hospitality since 2011 when she coordinated tourism promotion through press initiatives at Embratur and the Ministry of Tourism in 10 countries across Latin America and Iberian Peninsula.

She immigrated to Europe in 2020, living in 5 countries while managing design hostel operations, and eventually settled in Italy – a country that has always held a special place in her heart.


Jessica Braga

Internationalist, Travel Designer and Wine Expert (WSET, CWSW, FWS, SWS, SSI, ABS).

“More than a personal passion, wine is history and culture, it is connection, it is experience.”

Internationalist by training and oenophile at soul, with a passion for history, languages and travels. She has been living in Europe for 10 years and has lived in several countries across the globe in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.

In France her great interest in wine became a passion and there she embarked on her studies and travels in the world of wine.

She is co-founders of Travels & Wines, an exclusive wine-focused travel program office that organises unforgettable small group trips across Europe, primarily between Italy and France.