Wine and Chocolate (France and Belgium)

Dive in the delicious world of Belgian chocolate and marvel at the elegant Champagne bubbles. Take part in the biggest chocolate event in the world, before venturing into the Champagne cellars and discovering the charms and particularities of the inebriating Champagne bubbles.

If you are a chocoholic, you have surely heard of the best chocolates in the world – Belgian chocolates. Is there a better pairing than chocolates and wines?

In this 10-day program you will visit chocolate museums, have tastings and learn why Belgian chocolates are unique before diving into the wonderful bubbles of Champagne and getting lost in the labyrinths of its limestone cellars.

Starting with a journey in Belgium through the cities of Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp, where you will not only taste countless chocolates, but also visit the world’s most important chocolate event, the Salon du Chocolat.

After enjoying the wonderful Belgian chocolates, it’s time to discover what makes Champagne the world’s most famous sparkling wine.

Visit the most renowned Champagne Houses, as well as small independent producers, and learn through tastings and workshops what makes Champagne such a unique and special sparkling wine.

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