Create your wine in Tuscany

You who love wine, study production processes, new varieties, producing regions and love to learn about technological innovations in the world of wine will be enchanted by this program. How about coming to Tuscany, making your own blend and still taking a few bottles home.

Imagine yourself tasting different varieties at 100%, and creating your own blend, of course, with the guidance of an oenologist and sommelier! Can you imagine it? We’ve designed this journey for you.

It will be 10 days* immersed in the world of Tuscan wine. You will taste a wide range of wines, both varietals and blends, and then you will have 3 days of workshops to create your own blend at the winery, where an oenologist and a sommelier will provide you with the essential insights to help you define the type of wine you want to create and what to expect from your creation.

You will be staying in the heart of Chianti Classico, at an authentic agriturismo that produces wine and extra virgin olive oil. You will explore the Chianti region, as well as Siena, Firenza and medieval villages.

At the end of the journey, you will take home some bottles of your own creation, labeled with your name. An exceptional and unique trip, tailor-made for true wine lovers.

Embark on this delicious adventure with us. Get in touch with us and ask for the details of the trip.

Lists for 2024 are already open. Don’t forget that each group is made up of only 8 people.

Want to create an exclusive group with friends or family? A trip is even more enjoyable and fun when shared with loved ones. Form your group and reach out to us.

* We can organise a smaller 5-day version of this program for a private group.


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